We attempted Loosid, a dating application for sober individuals

We attempted Loosid, a dating application for sober individuals

I had a bit of a “hot bartender” phase when I first moved to New York City for an internship in 2014. I used to frequent, I remember not knowing how to approach the fact that some of them were actually sober themselves while I enjoyed staring at (and sometimes eventually hooking up with) the tatted, dapper dudes behind the bars that my friends and.

“i possibly could never date a man who didn’t take in, ” we remember saying to my roomie. “Imagine likely to dinner and never someone that is having share a wine to you? ”

A bottle of wine with their date is now me in an ironic turn of events, that someone who won’t share. In 2017, i did so a Sober December (i am aware, one month early), and after realizing that my entire life enhanced sans-booze, We slowly began drinking less and less—until I had been really sober.

Only a little over a 12 months after saying bye to booze, I split up having a long-lasting boyfriend and had to navigate dating once again. Somehow, every guy we finished up setting up with additionally didn’t drink, and I also noticed just how much better that struggled to obtain me. No apologizing for perhaps not being down seriously to separate that wine bottle, no worrying all about ugly drunk texts, and dating some guy whom liked my sobriety had been a great deal much better than dating a man who did actually secretly wish that I would personally get drunk with him.

But, while sobriety and teetotaling is gaining energy, it is nevertheless perhaps not the status quo and dating sober may be embarrassing (and aggravating). Then when we learned about Loosid, a dating application for sober individuals, I became fascinated, and even though we ordinarily don’t utilize dating apps. Continue reading “We attempted Loosid, a dating application for sober individuals”