Unit-1 Solar Absorbers and the Future of Electricity

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Unit -1

Activity 1 – Before reading the article4:59
Video Questions
Activity 2 – Read the text carefully to answer the following questions:
Activity 3-Find out the main idea of each paragraph:
Activity 4-
Find out the similar words (Synonyms) from the text given, using contextual clues:
Activity 5- Complete the statements by understanding the context:
Activity 6- Do the following statements agree with the information given in Reading Passage?
Activity 7- Summarize the three paragraphs of your choice from the text:

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I like the videos because they are providing me clue to understand what's next

Wow ! We are connected and learning comfortable environment

Dictionary is a big help because it's just a click away

I use even mobile to login in the weblog which only needs internet it's very comfortable way to study.

I feel e texts are handy.

Informative chapter ..after solving i gained a lot of knowledge ..

hello freinds

All students are advised to complete the tasks of unit 1