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I like videos n vdio activties they create criousity to know more whch motivates me to read ....wht abt u guys?

madam thanks for giving us 10 chances option to do the tasks it really helped alot in practicing reading.

I like the way weblog is helping to do activities without any help

sometimes, internet issues break the tempo of reading and learning but Alhmdolillah we have been given weblog platform which we are using any time according to our ease. Thanks maam.

dear freinds I want to ask u sm questions, and this moment I m thinking its such a easy way to interact u and ask u share with u weblog class is interactive in this way for us. isnt it?

madam , thanks for providing us such an interactive platform of weblog, we are interacting with each so easily, and we are able to ask you questions easily, we are able to discuss with each other easily, we are sharing our thoughts easily, I think its a real learning.

Guys don't you feel its a great learning experience what we are having now its learning with enjoyment through weblog I have ever experienced such enjoyment during learning so far !

Before log in on the weblog I thought it would be hectic, boring because its reading but noooooo its fun reading on the weblog Im enjoying woww!

Blogging is fun and enjoyment always for every1 but learning reading on a blog is amazing Im really enjyng what abt u guys?

I like those courses where our teachers bring ease for us and I think weblog is very easy to operate really!

The best thing of this weblog is I can it any time and from any place such a blessing it is!

Friends, how are you feeling reading on the weblog , its very simple to use according to me, what do you say?

The level of this text is not more than beginner. In contrast, it is mentioned above as an expert level text.

It is really good experience.

Not Submitting??

Amazing experience

Ma'am it was really a good experience. We learn many things about reading strategies. This would help us too much in future

It was really good experience..

Great experience we'll definitely learn something new.

It sounds like we'll surely learn something really helpful about reading skills and strategies! Looking forward to learn more.

It was a great experience inshallah we will learn something best from these classes

Dictionary is a big help because it's just a click away.

It's a great effort, hope will learn something new about reading strategies from this course.

It was really good experience.

hello students

this is really amazing experience