Unit-(5) Facebook and Twitter fuel iPhone and BlackBerry addiction, says Of com.

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Unit – 5

Before reading the article2:29
Video Questions
After Video Read the text carefully.
Read the first and last paragraph carefully to make its summary jointly.
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reading with focus is only possible when reading is interesting for example multimedia we have been gvn on this blog which is helping to hold focus on the readings.

Weblog is enjoyable coz its videos, audios, hilitr, made reading easy and enjoyable,al very helping tools, thanks maam.

isnt it like social media other websites, I really enjoyng and learning wese mujhe reading pasand nhn but here its wow!

why this happend I always attend class and light goes off yaar )' Thanks to maam she has given option to work any time and complete the tasks othws it really damn bullshit of light always) thankuuuuuuu maaaaaaaam );

sometimes we do not want to learn in class and want to close the books and have fun this freedom I have found here I can work I can enjoy and I can do all the tasks anytime even not using laptop but on my mobile also.

when I was using dictionary connected with weblog I felt its just a click away but when we hold a book when have to open and find the words by dictionary its time consuming so thanks maam for providing us good resources in the weblog.

videos of the weblog are amazing because before reading they were dragging me towards reading, wow Interesting really!

INFORMATIVE chapter about the technologies and how people addict from these technologies.. :)