Unit-(7) Basic electronic components

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Unit – 7

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the material of weblog is quite intersting coz its matching with our feild this relevancy is more helping.

scoring of objective questions on the spot kept me monitor my activity and progress which is really good for improving in language learning.

blogging in reading is something interesting I felt like electronic book with many facilities are given to me which I read and enjoyed.

during skimming and scanning I was using highlighter and dictionary it kept me going easily.

I think for reading one should be motivated towards reading and to improve motivation the audio vidios are enough for me here on weblog, im much enjoying while reading.

on social media we use emojies and we enjoy here on weblog highlighter, vidoes audios pictures are giving same feeling of enjoyment, and definetly they have great use which help me in reading overall I like the material and plateform

exciting and new plateform for me to learn language its amazing and no limitations all the time any where we can work and learn.

when we were interreacting each other and asking questions, sharing our ideas I feel it supported a lot learn by our own with out taking much help from our teacher though teacher is very helping too.

quick feed back by teacher and friends on weblog , give me courage and enhance my interest to work more and learn more.

videos gave me hint to understand what is comming next, plus I feel connected, I dont lose my interest to leave my tasks, quite interesting and motivating class!

electronic dictionary I use on my phone also but when I read book I do use that here when I m on weblog everything is present as dictionary also I like just with reading I can click it I do not waste time go and take my mobile for that. its comfortable reading here.

videos are helping me to know the topic of the text, audios to understand the pronunciation of the words, highlighter a lovely item really helping me to focus whatever i want to focus.

don't you feel like you are just on facebook or whatsapp as if talking with freinds, through blogging i feel Im ruling, enjoying freely and offcourse learning