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After Video Read the text carefully
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Practising reading stratgies with multimedia options is supprtive to learn reading, learning summaries with videos is love🥰🥰

learning readings strategies, reading comprehension through videos is more like learning with improvement 👌 👌 👌

Uff! summary tasks are very time taking I don't like them .

I think we can work on the weblog by our own without taking any help.

Im attending weblog class on my phone , I can use it by phone or by laptop I can even open and work on the woblog any time such an ease it is!

learning reading is enjoyment on the weblog!!!

weblog has a very good option to get quick score it tells u abt ur learning progress without asking your results from ur techer u can monitor urself

reading and dictionary are interconnected with each other so online reading I thought will be difficult for me but I like reading online because I have dictionary highlighter and images everything which help and give me fun also.

Highlighter is a great help , I feel I am holding a book in my hand and just underlining it when I read.